Bill Maher Plus Silas



Julian Assange is clearly the love child of Bill Maher and Silas the albino from Da Vinci Code

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Well, I’ve been watching ATBG for some reason… had 2 ideas:

1. Using the Gym Class Confidential script as a theme.  Pic of them watching the “health” film or something.

2. My edit of the theme song:

Someone once told me
The grass is much darker
On the other side.

(In case you are retarded… ANAL HAIR)

And I paid a visit
(Well, it’s possible I missed it)
It seemed different,
Yet exactly the same
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
‘Til further notice,
It’s in-between.
From where I’m standing,
My grass is red.
Someone once told me
The grass is much darker
On the other sid


Avatar (the non-Smurfs one)

Just an idea:

Toph teaches Katara to “see” through her bending.  Swimming results in some fun for Katara.

Katara Waterbending Toph Seeing In A Mud Bath

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Need Art Ideas?

Artist Block

Hey folks,

If you don’t know already, I can’t draw… at all.  But I do have some ideas.  I am going to start posting them on the blog in case any artists with a bad case of brain farts needs ideas.

Here’s the list I’ve amassed (some of them have been done):

Maytag Guy
Schrodenger’s Cat
Lars Fillmore (Futurama)
Crossfire (the game)
The “Holidays” from Daria
American Chopper
Al Gore
Altered Beast
Big Wheels
Alex Mac
Teddy Ruxpin
Shopping Carts
Car City Carpet
Jerry Falwell

In The Night Kitchen (same author as Where The Wild Things Are)
Blue Moon
Sigmund Freud
Nancy Drew
Bucky Balls (a.k.a. carbon 60)
Trouble (the game)
Blinky Bill
Simon (the game with blinking lights)
Gak (the ooze toy)
Hey Dude (TV Show) (no fakes)
Scruff McGruff
Butt-Ugly Martians
Teddy Grahams (crackers)
Tarot Cards
Turtle Sand Box
Chef Boyardee
Johnson and friends
Adventures The Little Koala
Sugar Crisp Mascot
The Cat Came Back
Deadpool Peanuts (see
Cream Of Wheat
Clarissa Explains It All (no fakes)
Time For Timer (Hankering For A Hunk Of Cheese)
Ghost Of Christmas Past from American Dad
Bananaman (see folder)
Squee (from JTHM)
Barbara Bush
Pocket Dragons
Velveteen rabbit
The Eleventh Hour
If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
Joe The Plumber
Pass The Pigs (Game)
Life With Loopy
Prometheus and Bob from Kablam!
Kathy Duquesne from Mystery of Batwoman
Cabbage Patch Kids


  • crew
  • LG Mascots
  • Jommeke
  • Happily Never After
  • Chicken Express mascot
  • The Pagemaster
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • Steve Jobs
  • Secret of Kells

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Copyright/DNP/Furry Jew Lawyers

So here’s the deal with the whole issue:

Paheal works hard foster good relations with artists and respect their right to determine where their art is posted on the internet. They work hours on images and should have a say as to what happens to it.

On the other hand, bending over backwards to the slightest whims creates headaches, huge DNP lists, and generally disappoints and frustrates a community that both expects and ascribes to the open nature of the internet.

Then, on the extreme, we get people who threaten us with lawsuits and scare us into compliance. These are often referred to as SLAPPs. This occurred recently with Drawn-sex, as many of you may know. We do not have the resources to fight these in court, and hosts tend to be skittish about legal reliability. Even if we were to fight something, our host would still shut down the site. Also, I, for one, am not willing to have my name on a lawsuit of this nature and jeopardize future opportunities.

We are also aware of the “how can you copyright stolen copyrighted characters and make money off of them” argument. There is stuff about parodies and fair-use in there, as well as international agreements and local copyright laws. In short, if you are a lawyer and want to explain it to us, feel free. In the mean time, we are not concerned about it.

In sum, we walk a fine line between courting artists’ respect and users’ expectations. We wish that all artists would allow their art on our site. We wish all artists didn’t care about what was said about their art. But we understand that not all are like this, and respect that. In this respect, we made the DNP list and the Friends of Paheal list to show that attempt at balance.

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Server issues

Server decided to shit itself.  Wiiaboo has emailed tech support.  He hopes to get it resolved by the end of the day.

Commence bitching:

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Art Theft

2 of the 4 versions of The Scream, by Edvard Munch, have been stolen, but recovered.

Paheal works hard to protect the rights of artist, and you can help.

I consider “art theft” the any of the following, or a combination of them:

  1. Removing an artist’s name, logo, or signature.
  2. Adding your own name, logo, or signature without having do anything to the image.
  3. Adding a watermark to an image without the artist’s permission (e.g. aerisdies dot com).
  4. Taking credit for an image you did not create.

If you suspect an image has been “stolen”, please email us (staff {at} with your case.  Commenting on the image alone will not bring it to our attention.  Please try to provide some proof and a link to the original image.  The first two points listed, especially doing both of them, is the worst kind of art theft and I will personally go out of my way to report it on other sites.  Any images that violate #3 will be deleted from out site (a list of offending websites can be found in the FAQ).


PS: 2 of the 4 versions of The Scream, by Edvard Munch, have been stolen, but recovered.

The More You Know

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Update #2

Ok so it took longer than i thought to get the money together for the new server but I finally purchased it today. Apparently there is a waiting period of a week to get this thing set up so yes that means another week of no image uploads (could be less time). So apologies for all this waiting time. But once its all done and dusted the site should run 100% without issues. From a financial point of view we are just about making enough money to cover our costs but we wont really know the full picture until we have the site back to 100% for a few weeks. I still stand by my decision to not accept donations in the past from the community because I didnt want you guys to feel you had to give anything to us for what we give you. However please understand that with these new server costs there may be a time in the distant future where we have to ask for a little help tho hopefully that day will never come.

Thanks again for your patience, thanks to everyone who reads this blog and a big fuck you, you retarded monkeys to everyone who emails us saying “DA SITE IS BROKE DA IMAGES ARENT WORKING WHATS WRONG WHY ARENT YOU FIXING IT” Because really… all it takes is for you to turn your head by a few degrees to the left to see the big READ THIS part of the news box, get the link to the blog and of course the twitter feed. So yeah, kill yourself.

To everyone else. Thanks, you make this place what it is.

– wiiaboo

P.S. Shish is the guy who gets the server up and running so really any thanks you guys give should be directly to him. He is a saint.

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oh god how did this get here i am not good with computer (Update on server issues)

Here we go again. More server issues. Don’t worry, the current issues are not as a result of something fucking up or exploding. The main image server is simply full. While upgrade options might exist to give us a temporary reprieve, i have decided to go ahead and purchase a brand new server to host the entire site on. Right now there are separate servers for both Database/web/thumbs and images (Thank you Bad Dragon). Starting at the end of july we will be moving the entire site onto the one server which will hopefully give the site a more stable future. The reason it has to wait until the end of July is for financial reasons. The options we are looking into to maintain the entire site aren’t cheap so I need the time to get the money together to get this server up and running. It will be there or there abouts by the end of July.

As always Titanium, Warrior, Shish and I appreciate your patience in these dark times and if you have any further queries then dont hesitate to shoot me an email at wiiaboo [at] paheal [dot] net.

Also to all our Dutch friends, Veel geluk op zondag. HUP HOLLAND HUP.

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Site update.

Ok so the site is still having alot of problems but since our last post we have had some progress on things. The owner of has kindly donated a server to us which should give us 100% stability on thumbs once it is setup so go buy some dildos from him and stick them up your arse. Shish as always is working tirelessly on making the site quicker and more stable, the man deserves alot of credit. For all the people asking us about the 502 Bad Gateway page, that is just the replacement for the infinite white abyss that was the site timing out before so dont worry about it and just refresh, it will load eventually. Also dont forget that is for comics now, not the main site!

Go raibh maith agat.

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