2 today.

Thats right. Paheal is 2 years old today. And surprise surprise the thumbnails are back! Now alot of you were wondering if we held getting the thumbs up until the birthday, no we didn’t its just the way things fell. Anyway, now that things are back up and running again the site should be stable for a long time to come, but never say never and if the site/thumbs do go down again you wont have to wait as long as you did this time.

In the mean while, we have been thinking of creating separate pages for cosplay and rule63 content. Cosplay is not rule34 so there is an argument for a new site but 63 is more ambiguous. A poll might appear in the news section at some point if we decide to leave it up to the users.

Happy birthday paheal.

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Let me start by just saying sorry. Sorry this took so long, sorry i havent been updating with new info, sorry sorry sorry. Ok now that thats out of the way. The site will be back functioning 100% on the 24th! Which just so happens to be the sites 2nd birthday. Coincidence? no.

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So we tried something… and it didnt work. Some of the thumbnails came back but just as we thought, it didnt last very long. So its back to the drawing board once again. Dont worry, the site will be back up soon but please understand that i know exactly how frustrating it is at the moment when the site is thumbnail-less and really slow so im going to close her down for a few hours and look at some options. In the meantime, come into the temporary message board while things get sorted.


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I have been recieving a few emails now from users complaining about the situation the site is in. Quite simply, we have no thumbnail server and there is a possibility that we will not be getting our old one back. Tho we have recieved some donation offers and we appreciate them alot, it looks like we are going to have to buy our own dedicated server to fix this problem. Now, contary to what alot of people think, paheal (and porn sites in general) does not make alot of money from advertising, the major advertising companies just refuse to touch your website if it has anything they deem to be inappropriate and this has been a problem for some time. I am willing to pour every cent this site makes into getting a proper dedicated server and have also started a fund out of my own pocket. Also, tho we appreciate the offers of monetary help, this is not 4chan and i am not moot so i refuse to ask the userbase for money, this site is and always will be provided 100% free so keep your money in your pocket and go buy something for yourself instead, god knows the economy needs a bit of a kick up the arse.

Anyway, rest assured, one way or another, this problem WILL be fixed soon, and once it is fixed we should be problem free for a long long time (hopefully).  So for now, please be patient and read a book or something. And most importantly, dont forget to thank Shish for the endless, tireless work he does for me and you. He deserves it.

– wiiaboo

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One year old

34 dag

Paheal turned one year old this week, pretty big milestone if i do say so myself. Of course the site wouldnt be here now if it wasnt for Shish and his great gallery software Shimmie, and of course YOU the users.

So thanks alot for a great year and here’s to many more.

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New Blog

This blog is here for various reasons, sometimes the site is prone to some long periods of downtime, tho we hope those days are behind us, this place will serve as a way for the admins to let the users know what is happening if there is a site outage. Also to keep the news page from getting flooded with mostly irrelevant stuff, we will be posting various things about future features of the site etc. to gauge the users opinions.

So check back here now and again for updates and posts, our first birthday is around the corner (24th of April) so I’m sure we will throw something together for that.

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