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Bill Maher Plus Silas



Julian Assange is clearly the love child of Bill Maher and Silas the albino from Da Vinci Code

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Well, I’ve been watching ATBG for some reason… had 2 ideas:

1. Using the Gym Class Confidential script as a theme.  Pic of them watching the “health” film or something.

2. My edit of the theme song:

Someone once told me
The grass is much darker
On the other side.

(In case you are retarded… ANAL HAIR)

And I paid a visit
(Well, it’s possible I missed it)
It seemed different,
Yet exactly the same
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
‘Til further notice,
It’s in-between.
From where I’m standing,
My grass is red.
Someone once told me
The grass is much darker
On the other sid


Avatar (the non-Smurfs one)

Just an idea:

Toph teaches Katara to “see” through her bending.  Swimming results in some fun for Katara.

Katara Waterbending Toph Seeing In A Mud Bath

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Need Art Ideas?

Artist Block

Hey folks,

If you don’t know already, I can’t draw… at all.  But I do have some ideas.  I am going to start posting them on the blog in case any artists with a bad case of brain farts needs ideas.

Here’s the list I’ve amassed (some of them have been done):

Maytag Guy
Schrodenger’s Cat
Lars Fillmore (Futurama)
Crossfire (the game)
The “Holidays” from Daria
American Chopper
Al Gore
Altered Beast
Big Wheels
Alex Mac
Teddy Ruxpin
Shopping Carts
Car City Carpet
Jerry Falwell

In The Night Kitchen (same author as Where The Wild Things Are)
Blue Moon
Sigmund Freud
Nancy Drew
Bucky Balls (a.k.a. carbon 60)
Trouble (the game)
Blinky Bill
Simon (the game with blinking lights)
Gak (the ooze toy)
Hey Dude (TV Show) (no fakes)
Scruff McGruff
Butt-Ugly Martians
Teddy Grahams (crackers)
Tarot Cards
Turtle Sand Box
Chef Boyardee
Johnson and friends
Adventures The Little Koala
Sugar Crisp Mascot
The Cat Came Back
Deadpool Peanuts (see
Cream Of Wheat
Clarissa Explains It All (no fakes)
Time For Timer (Hankering For A Hunk Of Cheese)
Ghost Of Christmas Past from American Dad
Bananaman (see folder)
Squee (from JTHM)
Barbara Bush
Pocket Dragons
Velveteen rabbit
The Eleventh Hour
If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
Joe The Plumber
Pass The Pigs (Game)
Life With Loopy
Prometheus and Bob from Kablam!
Kathy Duquesne from Mystery of Batwoman
Cabbage Patch Kids


  • crew
  • LG Mascots
  • Jommeke
  • Happily Never After
  • Chicken Express mascot
  • The Pagemaster
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • Steve Jobs
  • Secret of Kells

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